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  • Apr 27, 2016

4 Things to Know About Cosmetology School


Have you ever considered going to cosmetology school? Earning a cosmetology or esthetics license opens doors to having the kind of career that puts you in control.

Demand for licensed professionals is growing, and now is the time to make a move towards the career that you want. Here are the 5 things that you should know about cosmetology school.

1. It’s Not a Typical Schedule
One of the coolest things about attending cosmetology school is that there are usually some flexible scheduling options.

If you have to balance an existing work schedule with your school schedule, it can be a daunting task. Fortunately The Beauty Institute | Schwarzkopf Professional offers flexible scheduling to help accommodate students no matter what they have to balance.

2. You Learn from Licensed Professionals
Educators learn how to teach before they ever set foot in a classroom, when it comes to cosmetology school the instructors have done that and more.

Cosmetology instructors are licensed cosmetologists, estheticians and other specialists who have completed their education, worked in the field (most likely) and then completed an instructor program to learn how to instruct incoming students.

At The Beauty Institute, our staff have all worked in the industry and many of them still do. The techniques and skills that you’ll learn in a cosmetology program is up-to-date and relevant because it is coming from the concurrent professional experience of the instructors.

3. You Get Out, What You Put In
It sounds very cliche, but the truth is that when it comes to technical training the amount of success that your encounter is determined by how hard you work.

Cosmetology and esthetics programs are not for the faint of heart. They are challenging and jam-packed full of new information and skills to master; but the career that you’re prepared for is rewarding!

While most courses can be completed within a year’s time, all of that depends on the attendance and progress of the student’s ability to attend full-time with few to no absences from class and lab time.

Flexible scheduling options make it possible to receive training and balance a full time work schedule, but it takes longer to complete the needed number of hours.

4. After Graduation Can Take Time
There is no “overnight miracle cream” for a successful career, and though you will be thoroughly prepared to enter the field that you have chosen it will likely take some time to find footing in the industry.

That is why The Beauty Institute | Schwarzkopf Professional works diligently to maintain relationships with salons locally and in other states to aid students in their networking and job search efforts as much as possible.

Attending a vocational trade school is a great way to begin a new career, or follow the career dreams that you’ve always had. Knowing what’s in store is the first step to achieving educational and professional success.

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